*10f Mini Port-a-Disc & Overlay

*10f Mini Port-a-Disc & Overlay
SKU: SKU00242

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  • 10f Mini Port-a Disc is Lightweight and portable with 14" rotating disc with finger pocket instead of a hole for safety!
  • Use ambient light and draw where ever you go!
  • Only 16" x 18" in size, made from Durable ABS Plastic used for dashboards which is lightly textured to resist scratches.
  • Comes with 4 rubber non-skid feet on the back side for use as an overlay on your existing lightbox.
  • Disc rotates and is trapped securely to allow for transport and not allowing it to fall out.
  • This 14" disc for student or Pro animators using 10f paper.
  • Small size allows for easy grip and comfort when carring.

You can even use it as an "overlay" by placing it over a light table or
glass top table and use it as your full time Animation Drawing Surface.