*Deluxe 10f Student Starter Kit w/DVD

*Deluxe 10f Student Starter Kit w/DVD
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The Essential Basics DVD by Scott Petterson

Whether you've been animating for years or are just starting today,
it's important that you learn well these first basic principles.
There are animators who have been working in the industry
for over 20 years but still struggle with the basics.
They have gaps in their education. Don't let that happen to you.
If you do not have a good understanding of the basics
then you have nothing to build upon and
you’ll keep making the same mistakes year after year
and your animation will be just typical or mediocre.
The goal of this training series is to give you strong foundation
which you can continue to build upon, on your own.
It doesn't matter if you are working in computer animation, flash,
claymation or traditional.
The same principles apply.

In this DVD, The Essential Basics, Scott teaches the fundamentals
of movement and the art of the 15 to 30 second gesture.
The following topics are covered there in

  • Foundational Philosophy for Animators
  • Necessary equipment
  • Basics in Movement: (Timing and spacing, following arcs, squash and stretch, & maintaining volumes)
  • Gesture and figure drawing basics
  • How to properly "flip" your drawing
  • Animation and drawing assignments are given.
  • Bonus footage is included of figure models (male and female) to draw from.

       This kit comes with:

  1. the DVD The Essential Basics DVD by Scott Petterson
  2. 10f Personal Lightbox with your choice of pegbar (Acme or Round)
  3. 100 sheets of 10f bond paper,
  4. one Alvin Eraser,
  5. 2 red Col-Erase Pencils,
  6. 2 Blue Col-Erase Pencils,
  7. 1 X-tra pegbar for scanning
  8. a pencil holder
  9. Deluxe Nylon Pencil Case with zipper to put all your drawing tools in.


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