Ink & Paint Animation Drawing Board Back Pack Size

Ink & Paint Animation Drawing Board (Back Pack Size)

The Back Pack Size drawing/inking tablet is quite portable.

  • Shown with 12f paper on the pegs
  • The Un-breakable plastic pegbar sits into the routed slot and it comes with your choice of either the acme or round pegbar.
  • You can switch from Acme or Round to meet the changing needs of your classroom or Animation Career without having to buy a new inking board.
  • Compact flat surface, no handle on this one, ideal for drawing, inking or painting on location, at the zoo, on the beach or life drawing class or the classroom.
  • Ink tablet is 11 5/8" x 13 3/8" x 1/4" Acrylic surface For 10F & 12F sized paper only.
  • Our Original Lightfoot Ltd routed slot for the pegbar puts the pegbar flush with the drawing surface.
  • *All corners and edges have been rounded for comfort and safety!

A GREAT VALUE WITH VERSITILITY brought to you by the leader in Animation Equipment & Animation Supplies.... Lightfoot Ltd, inc.