Gloves for Animation Cel Inking & Painting - NOW IN 3 SIZES -

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NOW IN 3 SIZES - Gloves for Animation Cel Inking & Painting 
100% Cotton Lisle Gloves
• Breathable fabric helps hands cool
• Comfortable and light weight
• 100% Cotton Lisle
• Reversible & They will stretch to conform to your hand.
• Hemmed to prevent unraveling and Reversible & They are form fitting to fit either hand. .
• Soft and absorbent to protect delicate products from scratches, dirt and oil.
• This lightweight white 100% Cotton Glove has many uses:
• Use for handling sensitive items such as Animation Cels, negatives, coins and photos without leaving fingerprints, dirt or scratches

• Finished hems with no cuff to get in the way & for easy on and off
• Washable & Reusable if you put them in a laundry bag for delicates.

• The Small size will fit most women & children ages 8 and up.

*The  medium will fit small to medium hands for both Men & Women

*The Large size will fit larger hands for both Men & Women 

*Gloves are Unisex to fit both men and women

NOTE: A reminder that Cels should ALWAYS be handled with lightweight cotton gloves to prevent oil transfer from your hands to the Cel surface. Fingerprints may prevent proper adherence of ink & paint to the Animation Cel surface.  HANDLE EACH CEL WITH CARE.

Order Carefully, GLOVES Cannot be Returned or Exchanged for Any Reason.

Call if you need assistance  951-693-5165