Replacement Handle for Excalibur Hole Punch (5 LEFT)

Replacement Handle for Excalibur Hole Punch
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Replacement Handle for Excalibur Hole Punch


The Hole Punch is designed to punch 15-20 sheets at a time.

If you exceed that number will put to much pressure on the
punch handle ... and your holes will be torn and ragged on the edge
instead of clean and aligned properly.

There is no warranty on punches
due to the fact that students do crazy things
like try to punch holes through pennies
and try to max out the paper throat with way to much paper
just to see how much of their body weight
that it takes to puch through too much paper.

You will need to post a sign over your punch
to only punch 10-15 sheets at a time....and to empty the
paper waste tray under the base.

the higher the stack of paper
the more ragged the edges of the holes will be
because the paper fluxes and gives under the pressure of the punch
head, thus tearing instead of punching the holes.

Also the higher the stack the less accurate the alignment of the holes
again ...due to the fluxing of the paper.

The punch is not designed to punch more than 10-15 sheets at a time

ALSO on your posted instructions;
you need to empty the paper hole catch tray under the punch on a daily basis
or simply remove it....and let the debris fall on the table

If you fail to keep it builds up in the tray
and has resistance against the paper trying to fall into the tray
thus taking more force to punch through the paper
It then will break the wood base holding the tray in place

We have only replaced 2 handles out of the last 200 punches...
so keep giving the lecture on proper use and post the instruction
on the care and feeding of your punch.