Tarzan 1999 Disney 2 DVD Set Collector's Edition (50% OFF)

Tarzan (1999 Disney Collector's Edition) 2 DVD Set(only 1 left)
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Tarzan 1999 Disney Collector's Edition 2 DVD Set (ONLY 1 LEFT)

An extensive look at the music of Tarzan, featuring interviews with Phil Collins and his original song demos

Behind-the-scenes production material, including footage of voice casting, storyreels, rough animation and sound design, along with theatrical trailers and publicity materials

plus!: Introductions and Explanations by the Filmmakers, Original Story Treatment

The Deep Canvas Process, Abandoned Sequences, Storyboard to Final Film Split-Screen-Comparison, Glen Keane On The Animation of Tarzan, Character Designs and Concept Art

Production Progression Demonstration (Angle Feature Allows You To Move Through The Various Stages of Production), Trailers and Posters (Domestic and International)

Strangers Like Me music video by Phil Collins, Trashin' the Camp Recording Session with Phil Collins and 'N Sync, Read-Along, Trivia Game & Sneak Peek at Disney's Upcoming Film Dinosaur, Theater Vision for the Visually Impaired, DVD-ROM Features--

This is the DVD used in the workshops to demonstrate the "Stroy-reel" - "Animatic" and the full production process from storyboard to final color.

These are top quality used DVD's that have been out of print since 1999

and now we are gathering up what we can for "Teachers Only"

so you have the resources to use in teaching Animation in the Classroom