The World History of Animation (Only 1 Left)

The World History of Animation(HARD COVER)
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The World History of Animation (HARD COVER)

The World History of Animation tells the genre's 100-year-old story around the globe.

  • This is a fantasticly illustrated encyclopedic of Animaton.
  • Stephen Cavalier's comprehensive account is organized chronologically.
  • Covers pioneers, feature films, television programs, digital films,
  • games, independent films, and the web.
  • An exhaustive time line of films and innovations acts as the narrative
  • backbone, and must-see films are listed along with synopses 
  • in-depth biographies of individuals and studios.
  • The book explains the evolution of animation techniques,
  • from rotoscoping to refinements of cel techniques, direct film,
  • claymation, and more.

Stephen Cavalier has worked in the animation and games industries for two decades.
As a animator, writer, and director, Stephen has worked as an Animation
Director for Disney TV shows and has been a part of the animation
team at Steven Spielberg's Amblimation.

He also works as an animator, writer, and director
through his own company, Spy Pictures.